Labour saving!

The true labour-saving features of the 3D Visual Planner really come into their own once the initial plan has been created and agreed. It can also prove to be a boon in your marketing drive.

This is because, once the plan has been designed, the system has an automatic facility that can produce hard copies if required, or email them to specified addresses for information and approval purposes.

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Capture those leads!

This gives you a valuable opportunity to capture the contact information of potential leads by requesting an email address and other details before they use the system. You will then be able to follow them up at an appropriate time and, even if they don’t choose your service for the particular project, you will have their contact details on file for future marketing and publicity purposes.

As well as generating plans and estimates, an additional feature includes the ability to produce comprehensive invoices for the project incorporating all the relevant costs. Again, these can be produced in both hard copy and digital formats, or a combination of the two.

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By making the whole process of using the 3D Visual Planner as frictionless as possible it will save time, encourage use and, most importantly of all, generate business where other less automated planning and quoting processes may fall down before the sale is completed.

With all the other features and benefits that it provides, the 3D Visual Planner brings a level of automation that can do a great deal to transform a business and provide the highest possible levels of customer service and satisfaction.

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