Instant Planning

Instant Planning and Design

The 3D Visual Planner is an innovative software program that lets you or your customers design the appropriate system to their precise specifications simply, easily and quickly. It's intuitive to use so it needs no prior training, and not only will it give accurate measurements that can be used for the manufacture of the system, it helps to visualise, in colour, what the finished solution will look like.

This could prove crucial in turning potential customers into actual ones as they will be able to see, in three dimensions, exactly what they are ordering.

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Easy to incorporate into your website

Most customers carry out extensive online research before they start contacting suppliers directly. So, the more appealing and professional you can make your site, the better.

By incorporating the interactive 3D Visual Planner in your site, it will provide a powerful tool not just to help with planning but to encourage customers to get in touch too. Best of all, the Planner has been designed to easily integrate into your existing website without the need for expensive and time-consuming re-programming.

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Automatic Plans and Invoicing

Automatic plans and invoicing

Once the plan has been created online the system has an automatic facility that can produce hard copies of the plan, email them to specified addresses and even generate an invoice.

There is also the opportunity to capture the details of potential leads by requesting an email address and other details before they use the system. You will then be able to follow them up at an appropriate time.

By making the whole process of using the 3D Visual Planner as frictionless as possible it will save time, encourage use and, most importantly of all, generate business where other less automated planning and quoting processes may fall down before the sale is completed.

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